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The Lady's Knight

by Katerina Grôzyn

In a castle grand with banners high,

A lady weeps with a heavy sigh.

Her heart, entwined with husband's love,

Now torn by duty to her king above.

Her dear knight, loyal and true,

Her soul alights when he's in view.

Yet loyalty calls, a fierce demand,

To serve the king, her husband's hand.


The Lady's Knight

This poem was written by Katerina Grôzyn. Only the first two paragraphs are shared here as an introduction and to save space, but the entirety of the poem is available at Katerina's website.

Written Summer 2024

The Minstrel's Muses

This bardic tune was written and composed by Katerina Grôzyn. More information about the song and the story behind it is available at Katerina's website.

Lyrics Written and Music Composed Summer 2024

Wood Shields Carving and Painting

These were painted by Mistress Damara and Katerina Grôzyn.
Shields carved by Noble Lady Dagmar Valdemarsdotter A.P.F of Marche of Gwyntarian, in the Barony of Brendoken, in the Middle Kingdom teaching the members of the Shire of Tri Os the art of wood carving.  March 31, 2024